Московское Небо
Decorate your holiday with traditional New Year's Eve masterpieces from Moscow Sky restaurant: your favorite
Appetizers, salads, baked suckling pig or sturgeon, duck with apples, leg of lamb...
Let our chef take care of all the troubles of your New Year table: you just call and make an order, and we will deliver everything to your door on time! Free delivery of 10.000 rubles and more. We take your order no later than
3 days in advance.
Ощущение полета
и приятное послевкусие!
Новая винная карта
Festive dishes to
order for your table
Tel.+7 (495) 748-61-01
Доставка к праздничному
новогоднему столу
тел.+7 (495) 748-61-01
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Make great presentations, longreads, and landing pages, as well as photo stories, blogs, lookbooks, and all other kinds of content oriented projects.
of 15 Republics of the union are weaving together in the menu of our restaurant
You will see dishes which are common for national cuisine but with modern author's accents. They are: "Dressed herring", "Mimosa" salad, pelmeni, "Olivye" salad and many others.
from the Chef
Caucasian dish from lamb and beef
with grilled vegetables
All holidays with us!
The "Moskovskoye Nebo" is one of the most luxurious sites of Moscow being situated in the area of the VDNKh park nearby the Wedding Palace. The bright interior with live flowers and panoramic windows, beautiful furniture, and details won't require from you any additional expenses for decoration.

A birthday party, for a birthday person of any age, in our restaurant means not only tasty food and drinks but also a wonderful atmosphere of holiday. For a birthday person, we give a dessert as a present!

office parties

At our place you may hold an office party in any format, and we'll help you with regard to organization and take care so that your holiday would be equal to the occasion.
There is a

also at our restaurant.
3D tour
At the stage of interior decoration there were images that served as an inspiration, such as those of brave pilots, their uniform, their insignia, as well as cosmonautics and actually, pictures of the sky above the capital. Two bright halls with a capacity of 100 and 40 people and a huge airy hall with a dome, which imitates parachute, create a festive and solemn atmosphere.

у нас уютно и вкусно
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Customer reviews
Moskovskoye Nebo is a delight!
Have you ever known there are places in Moscow like this one?
We were walking in the VDNKh area and visited the café Moskovskoye Nebo
The best place for party holding

Московское небо-это восторг!


This restaurant is situated in the VDMKh park! This is our new discovery worthy of attention and that as many as possible people would learn about this place! But you know, at first I didn't want to share it with anybody, being jealous of it with some new guests. Joking of course!


Sometimes, however, there do exist some places, where you want to go alone without telling nobody about your find neither about your fondness for some restaurant or café! There's a wish to have this place precisely yours!

Delight! This emotion didn't leave us from the very door sill! Magnificent style of last century that makes you recollect old films where dams walk wearing splendid dresses and hats and men wear tail coats having a watch on a chain and a pince-nez in small pockets of their jackets. For some reason, precisely such associations arose when I was in this atmosphere! As if I had found myself in an old cinema! Incredible senses and emotions!

As soon as I saw this small restaurant, that music started playing in my head: "Yacht, there are only we alone in this world…"

Yalta, August, and we are in love…

On the whole, I'm at the Black Sea coast….in Yalta, as a minimum ))
Have you ever known there are places in Moscow like this one?

We were walking in the VDNKh area and visited the café Moskovskoye Nebo.
Beautiful stylized atmosphere (soviet 50s, but at the same time snug and there's no scent of sovok), the corresponding music is on, the interior is interesting: there are frescos on the walls; the lavatory deserves special praise: it is smothered in flowers; obliging personnel, magnificent verandas outdoors, at the first floor.

The food prices are like in an average Moscow café.
We took chicken breast and a salad with citrus, mini-chebureks with a sauce, julienne in black bread and pike cutlets; we ate all up, even the black bread from under julienne, everything was delicious! By the exit there is a huge vase with chocolates "Lastochka". For VDNKh it is a splendid place to have a rest in the open veranda, with a marvellous view from the first floor.

Long ago I wanted to visit Moskovskoye Nebo in VDNKh

There is an atmospheric, historical place where one can sit about in veranda beneath the dome in some summer evening. ☕️

There are aircrafts ✈️ used in the interior making this place even more charming. ✈️,

But allowance must be made that, as well as many other sites in the VDNKh, this café is open up to 10:00 p.m., even on Saturday.

We managed to get into the open bar only, but even so we were very happy about it.

Prospect Mira, d. 119, str. 422
(VDNKh. Pavilion № 422, from The Rocket and Pavilion "Kosmos")


from Sunday to Wednesday from 11h00 a.m. to 10h00 p.m.
from Thursday to Saturday from 11h00 a.m. to 11h00 p.m.

+7 (495) 748 61 01
+7 (926) 120 54 46
+7 (925) 031-61-01
ООО "Московское небо"
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