There is an ideal space where one may have a beautiful evening or celebrate an important event, such as wedding, birthday or jubilee.
Birthday parties
A birthday party, for a birthday person of any age, in our restaurant means not only tasty food and drinks but also a wonderful atmosphere of holiday. A small dinner in the family
and close people circle or a bustling group of friends – all will find place in our roomy halls! And for a birthday person we'll give a dessert as a gift!

The "Moskovskoye Nebo" is one of the most luxurious sites of Moscow being situated in the area of the VDNKh park nearby the Wedding Palace. The bright interior with live flowers and panoramic windows, beautiful furniture, and details won't require from you any additional expenses for decoration. And spacious halls & summer veranda will enable guests to settle comfortably down in a place very snug for them.
Office parties
An office party is a perfect way to consolidate relationship between colleagues and take a cheerful break from work.
In the Moskovsloye Nebo restaurant you may hold an office party in any format, and we'll help you with regard to organization and take care so that your holiday would be equal to the occasion.

Prospect Mira, d. 119, str. 422
(VDNKh. Pavilion № 422, from The Rocket and Pavilion "Kosmos")

LLC "Moskovskoye Nebo"
INN (TIN) 7708359858
KPP (CRR) 771701001
OGRN (PSRN) 1197746569932

Monday - Sunday: 12:00 - 23:00